Any Thoughts?

What would you report on this one? I am looking for that classic NACHI input! I just had to post this!

Plumbing kitchen.JPG

I would have to post " call a plumber now" LOL

Wow! Definitely not installed according to manufactures instructions. :shock:

incredibly expensive but inappropriate use of drain fittings…

Only thing I can think of is “What were THEY thinking”.

The accordian style waste line has been installed in an un-workman like manner and is succeptible to to “clogging” Recommend having the necessary repairs made by a licensed plumber.

Hope that helps. Those accordian waste lines are more likely to clog, even if they are installed properly.

You don’t need a long drawn out explanation of this comical waste pipe installation…

“Improper waste pipe installation, have a licensed Plumber evaluate and estimate repairs to kitchen waste piping”.

I agree David, Incorrect installation of waste piping, call a licensed Plumber to repair. :smiley:


If that mess isn’t leaking, with all the submerged slip joints, it would be amazing. The hardest thing to fix there is the height of the drain outlet. It looks like the garbage disposal may never drain completely.

fubar. . .

I like comments short, sweet, and to the point–:smiley:

“The kitchen sink and disposer is not plumbed correctly and is likely to cause problems with drainage in the future. Have a licensed plumber install the drainage system consistent with current plumbing standards”

I would run an ad in the Lost & Found, “Missing Robot from Lost in Space found”.

I like comments short, sweet, and to the point–:grin: How about consistency Dale all in the same house

Funny Charley–:smiley:

Makes you wonder if they do things like that intentionally, you would think the odds of them accidentally doing one correctly would be 50-50—:smiley:

Those odds are to low Dale, there are way to many ways of them doing it wrong than there are in doing it right.

Don’t you think.

1:100 would be closer. ha. ha. :wink:

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley:

My question is: Why are they allowed to sell this type of material.

Same would go for the flexible dryer vents that the CPSc recommends replacing but every home center has a stack of these slinkies waiting to burn down the house.

With electrical there is the UL listing at least.

These materials are just waiting for the unhandyman to buy are start making his lego land repairs.

You guys rock!! This is why it’s fun playing on the message board!! The seller was there at the inspection. There were so many items as ridiculous as this one that I enjoyed watching the guy as I inspected the house. It was like he was hoping I wouldn’t see any of it!! Maybe I have a warped mind but I found this inspection a little more fun than most others.

Don’t you just love it when the owner rolls his eyes, whistles some mindless tune, looks the other way and then claims he or she had a friend fix it for them.

SSSSSSo Charlie whats wrong with all of that:D

Short sweet and to the point-----HUH?:shock: