What verbage would be used for this contruction? I know this application is more prone for blockage.

What verbiage would you, as a first time buyer, want to read or think appropriate? and then also convey the issue/material in question to the professional that makes the repair.

Use your own words, post it here and let the seasoned guys reply.

Russel had a 1000 Narratives list going, try the search on our MB

Don’t be too quick. There are a lot of new products out.
I’ve seen a plumber using this one.
Note the trap portion is not corrugated.

I’ve run across a bunch of those also. It looks like there is a little vertical offset and maybe that’s why the flexible tailpiece is there?; can’t see weir or vent in the picture though. The ones I have run across, I just make a mild-mannered note that mentions the flex and offset in case they ever decide to go go out and get a fancy chrome plated rigid one or whatever.

Isn’t it wonderful, all the products they make to help you make a bad installation fit.

One or more sink drains use flexible drain pipe. This type of drain pipe is more likely to clog than smooth wall pipe. Recommend having a qualified plumber replace this pipe with standard plumbing components (smooth wall pipe) to prevent clogged drains.