Flexible Fitting

I ran into this today. It’s a flexible/ribbed fitting coming off of the trap. Looks like the trap didn’t line up with the drain pipe, so the plumber installed this flexible fitting. Is this OK? I’ve never seen one like it? Thanks


It’s a flexible drain coupling. I put this in my report, and many others here put something very similar in theirs.

“A flexible accordion drainpipe was found at the sink in the bathroom. This is a maintenance concern. Flexible accordion drainpipes often are not rigid enough to resist damage and are prone to leakage. We recommend having a standard rigid tailpipe installed to help prevent leaks and water damage”

Thank you. That’s exactly what I needed to know.

This is what I would do as a plumber if I saw this situation. Cut off the trap adaptor and glue on a 22.5 or 45 degree elbow then another trap adaptor. Those kind of accordion style connectors are only good for drain cleaners because after a while the build up in them could break free and clog a drain line.

I’m one of the “many others” referenced in Blaine’s post.