Flex Trap

What do you say about bathroom sink traps like this?


Accordion-like drains do not have a smooth interior surface to drain easily and may clog. Recommend replacement with proper tail piece/p-trap.

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The sink employs an unapproved, flexible, corrugated drainpipe that will contribute to blockages and it should be replaced by a qualified plumber.

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“Insert Location” sink had a temporary flexible corrugated drain pipe installed. This type of drain pipe is prone to frequent clogging. Recommend qualified plumber replace with a standard ridged smooth wall drain pipe and P-trap.

Ditto to what John said…“Temporary” fix to drain problem…replace as soon as possible with proper components.

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Accordion style drains should be tuned every 6 mths to maintain proper flow. :wink:

Bathroom Sink

  • Flexible drain trap piping improperly installed.
  • Recommend professional plumbing repair with replacement of the drain trap assemblies.