Acorn Investigated For Voter Fraud

Nothing like alittle VOTER FRAUD to sway an election

Video here :

One thing for sure! ACORN will only get bigger along with the ACLU!

I guess this guywon’t be regestering voters anytime soon.

ACORN may not be all that bad! They are really only under investigation in all the swing states! At least thats not the whole United States!:roll:

Give em time, they will get there eventually

Let’s be correct. Voter Registration Fraud. Not Voter Fraud. There is a difference.

Another reason why “pay for signatures” should not be allowed for any political issue, whether voter registration, petitions, initiatives, or candidacies. There are crooks that will do anything for a buck. And it happens in every state that allows payment for signatures, regardless of whether it is a “red” or “blue” state.

Not according to the FBI.


Read your article again. The FBI is investigating for Voter REGISTRATION Fraud. Not voter fraud. In order to make it Voter Fraud, they would actually have to vote illegally.

A distinction without a difference.

ACORN has repeatedly engaged in activities that encourage the possibility of voter fraud.:roll:

Is that the same ACORN that MCCain spoke at one of their meetings last year, and doesn’t McCain have a member who is working on his campaign once a lobbyist for ACORN?

It’s not just ACORN. It happens all over the place where there is “pay for signatures” allowed. Why do you think they have to gather so many more signatures than required? Because many signatures do no match the information at the County or State offices.

As for the difference… it is quite large. How does a fake registration hurt the process? If you don’t vote, you can’t affect the outcome. Take the “Tony Romo” registration. If “Tony Romo” doesn’t show up to vote in Las Vegas where the registration was filed, how has that affected the election? If he shows up to vote, then there is a problem.

I’m not saying that fake registrations aren’t a crime, they are crimes with a distinct difference.

What assurance do you have that all the signatures and information are verified as legitimate?

ACORN has a long history of involvement in bogus voter registration. And the fact that they receive government funding makes it even more egregious.

The bogus Acorn issue

I didn’t need ACORN to help me to register to vote. Ever! I received my first registration card when I was in high school. I guess staying in school and not dropping out helped me there.

You can pick up a voter registraion card in almost any public library. You know, that’s the place where people go to read books.

You can pick up a voter registraion card at any state agency that offer public assistance. You know, that’s where you can get an unemployment check or a drivers license (hey there’s a novel idea!).

You can walk into a friggin post office and pick up…drum roll please…a voter registration card. Ta Da…

You can pick up a VRC in a number of other places.

I challenge anyone here to give one good reason, other than to commit voter registration fraud, as to why we as taxpayers should be supporting groups such as ACORN.

Here is three, I could go on, hopefully you now understand.

States’ Actions to Block Voters Appear Illegal

Tens of thousands of eligible voters in at least six swing states have been removed from the rolls or have been blocked from registering in ways that appear to violate federal law, according to a review of state records and Social Security data by The New York Times.

GOP Voter Suppression Comes to Wisconsin

In Wisconsin this past week, the Republican Attorney General, J.B. Van Hollen, filed a politically timed lawsuit that local election officials say will interfere with turnout for the presidential election on Nov. 4 and create a bureaucratic nightmare for election workers seeking to process a record number of new voter registrations before then. The AG’s game plan is simple: create a bureaucratic nightmare to tie up the election machinery before Election Day and then create bottlenecks to confound voters on Election Day.

Legitimate Voters Getting Bumped Off the Rolls

In addition to the potential illegality of the actions cited in the New York Times article, some conservative media outlets are fingering ACORN and alleging voter fraud. ACORN, as you may know, is the organization responsible for highly successful registration drives. ACORN is also often labeled as “radical” by conservative commentators.

Acorn officials admitted to the fraud and claim they are the ones who blew the whistle Joe, do you refuse to believe them too?

Yep. It is only ACORN that is committing voter fraud. And of course it is only the Democrats, right? Hypocrites.

That One.

How many frauds has ACORN ben associated with? Hmmm?

A little perspective please.