More Obama Fun Facts...

Am I the only one who sees a definite pattern here. Once again I say, obama is not who/or what he says he is! Check thisout! :roll:

Oh I forgot to mention that there is a Kansas-Chicago-Hawii -Kenya-Indonesia connection between all of the players,(father,mother,wife, mentors, terrorist) in this obama game.

Also, remember when I told you that Obama’s uncle was probably Russian. Do you think this is just another coincidence?

Exactly! One of the reasons its hard for me to refer to them as Dem’s! How can one possibly not see total Socialist. Look all I am saying for example is I will pay taxes thats fine (preferred republican rate not Obamas). But let me decide if I want to redistribute my money, not the government. I give to plenty of causes and volunteer my time I don’t think one should be made to however. Once again that is only one issue I have with Obama.

Guys! It appears ole Ken maybe way ahead of us in this game!

One more thing! Has anyone heard of the ACORN organization? I don’t even know if that is what I heard in passing on the radio today and for that matter if that is the name of the group. But Obamas name came up as tied with them at the hip. Once again, don’t know who they are but will look it up later unless someone beats me to it!

ACORN is an activist org that has repeatedly been accuse of voter fraud.

Our local radio host Jason Lewis beats up on them on a regular basis.

Man, you are getting too good at this Michael;-)

Jason Lewis keeps me well informed.:slight_smile:

Check this out!:shock:](

I saw Sharpton announces ACORN partner for state voter campaign! That should just about say it all! I would look for more on this story!

You have, no doubt, heard that, in response to Palin, The Obama campaign has dispatched Hillary and other Democrat women governors to hold the Dem woman vote.

In response, the McCain campaign as dispatched Gary Coleman and Jimmy Walker :mrgreen:


So, now I get a red because of a joke.

I am called a “hater”.

This is a typical liberal label for anyone who does not tolerate everything that the libs want tolerated or for those who are not “politically correct”.

Yes, I am, as my Dad used to call it, “euphimistically challanged”, but I find life easier if I just speak the truth.

So, sorry if you are so “closed minded” that you were offended by the joke.

I was leading up to this a couple of weeks ago. Check out this site, too many things are too close to be happen stance

And, please not the similarities with the platform, here, to the Democrat Party platform.

I’m just saying and check it out for yourself.

Already did

Did you hear Gary has a new solution for people who harass him.

Run em over with a truck!