Should people this stupid be allowed to vote?

The car in the driveway had an Obama bumper sticker on it. :mrgreen:

092909 190.JPG

What does creative condensate drain installation have to do with voting?!

Please advise us what your concern is here.

Beats the hell out of running it down the vinyl siding and against the foundation/footer to cause mold in the crawlspace…

I flip off every Obama sticker that passes me on the highway, but I don’t see the association here…

Probably a Palin contractor lol that did it

Must be the new Alaska pipeline.

That’s the pan drain.

I agree

Probably the black hose…:stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not so sure I would make the presumption that the owner of the car is the one who did the work. I’d say King Bush and Prince Cheney probably did it on their way out the door – LOL.

See guys! Russel has a great sense of humor. :smiley: