Ad for McRae Home Inspections

This ad was just completed for McRae Home Inspections. It will be a half-page ad in their local paper’s upcoming Home Renovating & Decorating guide.

The marketing library is growing faster than ever! Check it out here:

And feel free to email me with any requests for marketing materials.

Jesse nice work again…I like it.:cool:


Thank you Jim!

Thanks again Jesse. I will be back :slight_smile:

Anyway we can train Canadians to spell Mold correctly?
I suppose it adds a little colour to the language however.

Looks great Jessica.

Got Mould?

Thanks BOB but can you tell me why the scientific world all spells it the proper way. MOULD

Makes me think of the story when an Englishman was driving through the states and asked the Gas attendant to check under the Bonnet .
The yank said we invented the car and its a hood .
The Englishman said Right O Mate but we invented the language and it’s still a Bonnet

I would print the back side with something like this That way I think potential clients are more likely to hold on to it, and when the time comes call you.

Good idea…way to share. Logo guy is getting to get a little wet feet as marketing guy…love it.