ADA inspector needed.

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Subject: NACHI inspectors specializing on ADA compliance issues

*To Whom It May Concern:
I am trying to locate a home inspector that is an expert in ADA
compliance issues. I am in the process of purchasing a condominium in
Arlington, VA. The developer has classified as “ADA compliant.” I
would be very interested in hiring a home inspector that is familiar
with the building requirements for these types of dwellings.

Elizabeth Mendez
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Office of Pesticide Programs
Health Effects Division
Ariel Rios Building
1200 Pennsylvania Ave., NW Mailcode 7509P
Washington, D.C. 20460
Tel: 703-305-5453; FAX: 703-305-5147
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If this was in Orlando Fl I would be able to help.

If memory doesn’t fail me, back in High School ADA meant Also Doing Alison, ah, the good old days. :smiley:

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Here’s a response I sent to Ms. Mendez,

Ms. Mendez,

I recently read, on the NACHI message board, of your need for an ADA compliance inspection for a condo you are purchasing. Hopefully you have found someone that can do that compliance audit for you. I did want to mention though, that in my opinion, you will probably find it difficult to locate a residential home inspector with ADA experience. Since ADA is primarily aimed at the commercial sector then residential home inspectors rarely get called upon to judge such properties. Those of us home inspectors with commercial experience could be of benefit to you but the vast majority of home inspectors just don’t have that background. You may even find it necessary to contact a commercial ADA compliance company to accommodate your needs. One such firm, CH2M Hill, is an international design and construction management concern, and could possibly provide the expertise you are looking for. In your area they can be reached at:

***Washington, DC ***
*CH2M HILL Area Office *
Government Affairs Office
901 New York Avenue, NW, Suite 5100 West
*Washington, DC 20001 *
P: 1-202-393-2426

I have also attached an ADA Checklist that might be of use to you or a residential inspector if you so choose to go that route. I wish you luck in locating a resource to perform the proper inspection for you.

Mike Boyett

Capital City Inspections
(512) 577-2579
(866) 456-9628 (toll free)](

Here is the attachment: ADA (281 KB)

I was doing ADA inspections as a handyman for over 5 years before deciding to become a home inspector. I had two Adult Foster Care Group Home Corps. here in Michigan that I would inspect each of their homes (18 homes) twice each year. I would inspect each year, a month before their County & State licensing reviews. I would check all ADA requirements and maintenance issues, compile a list of all my suggested repairs, submit the list to the owners of the corps. and wait for them to tell me what they wanted me to take care of.

Some things on my list they could not have me repair. Some things the property owner was required to fix and some things the state required a licensed plumber, electrician, etc. to repair. (It was kind of strange, it was OK for me to replace heating elements in a water heater but, I could not replace a water heater. I could repair a door but, I could not replace a door. I could replace a bi-fold door but I could not replace the bi-fold door track.)

The American Dental Association had it, first.