ADA Inspectors and Consultants

Anyone out there have any info on certifications for ADA. I already know about the ICC certification for ADA inspector/plans examiner. I was wondering about any other certs. for this. Thoughts?:-k

Robert, ask Frank C our NH chapter president anything about ADA, he is very knowledgeable in this area.

Thanks for the info, I will probably have to contact him for what I am looking for.


Unless you are doing a full blown ADA Compliance inspection (which almost no customer wants BTW), don’t even mention the words “ADA.” Hence InterNACHI’s Accessibility form

I showed the local building official the accessibilty form and he likes it, he is wanting me to come up with something like this for the building inspectors to us.

I would like to find some classes to take.

Give our form to him and tell him his office can use it. We probably now have over 100 city and town inspectors using it.

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Thanks will do. is it ok it I add a couple of things to it to fit Florida?

I’ll answer for Nick… yes