Additional Input



  1. TPR discharge goes uphill
  2. TPR discharge hose is a yellow gas flex line
  3. I am in a Seismic area, is it ok for cold in line to be flex
  4. Only one Seismic strap on tank

Would like some extra input or wording I could use on a report.

[FONT=Comic Sans MS]1. [/FONT]The TPR discharge pipe has a positive slope or runs uphill. This causes water to trap in the discharge pipe and could cause the temperature and pressure relief valve to fail. This TPR valve is a very important safety device. Refer to a qualified plumber to properly configure the discharge pipe.

  1. Improper material used for TPR discharge pipe (yellow corrugated gas supply line), refer to a qualified professional for corrective repair/replacement with approved material.

  2. Yes

  3. Sense you’re in a Seismic area; Improper strapping of water heater, recommend installing approved earthquake strapping. Water heaters are required by law to be anchored or strapped to resist falling during earthquakes, one strap in the upper one-third and one in the lower one-third of the fixture. This is a safety issue and correction is needed.

Thank you I like your wording