TPR Line

How would you report this one? Pipe has high temp/pressure rating but vent up and to outside of house. “Drip leg” for… :wha?:


For checking for leakage… duh!


TPR valve extension piping has been reduced in size and runs uphill…recommend repairs by qualified plumber for enhanced safety.

I can’t tell what is on the bottom of the pipe.

(up flow) “Inspector noted the TPRV drain piping on the water heater not installed in a way that will facilitate drainage by gravity per national standards. Its installed going up. We recommend a qualified plumber review for determination and certification that the current install does not inhibit its proper function and corrective repairs as needed.”

You smooth tongued Devil, you. I guess that is much better than FUBAR’d, eh?

TPR discharge piping was installed by an idiot that doesn’t have a friggen clue. . .

Looks like a shut off currently on the closed position.

What is this “EverKleen” thing? Is that just a curved dip tube to keep the sediment mixed up or if there some other fancy gizmo?

You like that one?? :wink:

Jeff, is that how you word it in your reports? :mrgreen:

I think I’ll borrow that for mine!!

Jeff’s comment is in my boilerplate :twisted:

I linked the mfg install instructions in my report and recommended a lic plumber inspect and repair as needed.

The water heater drain line improperly runs uphill and can be a safety hazard. Have a competent & licensed plumber repipe it safely and in the proper manner.

Hi to all,

I think this is a great idea, and would save all of those pesky leaks onto the floor, I believe that TPR extensions should be run verticaly up through the roof and fitted with a steam whistle at their termination :wink:



Steam whistle! LOL!!

Was that the current owner will be seriously scolded or is that scalded to the current method if installation if valve failure occurs