Adequacy of HVAC system

Was wondering if anyone out there comments on the size of an HVAC system. I inspected a 3300 sq ft 2-story house yesterday with one (not zoned) 5-ton 12 seer cooling system. I see this quite often with the big box houses and don’t know how the builders get away with it. Of course it was a foreclosure and I’m sure the previous owner wasn’t told that their electric bills would be more than their house payment. I know that we are not required to report the size, adequacy of the system, etc. But I feel its my duty to at least inform the client about it. After all I am looking out for their best interest.
I have previously reported this in my reports just as my opinion and to get a second opinion but should I report it at all and just verbally give client my opinion.
Was just wondering how other inspectors have handled this.

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As a general rule not a good idea to get into sizing of units unless you are qualified it can come back to bite your behind side. Even thou I am from that field of work I rarely will jump on sizes unless it is grossly undersized.

In the case of the size and design of the system you described above I would simply describe in my narrative section of the report that Mr. client would most likely not be happy with the utility cost of operating one system on a two story as they rarely cool and or heat evenly and if the client desired more information they should consult a HVAC contractor.

Between you and me and what I know about the climate in TX and Okla one 5 ton unit on a 3300 Sq foot two story home is not going to be desirable under most conditions. If you do make those kind of calls you should be prepared to back it up with facts not what some HI instructor stated in school.

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but, unless you have previous utility bills to back this up i wouldn’t document that either. although it will come up in “passing conversation” during the verbal summary

I would state that with all things considered the unit may not adequately cool the home during the heat of the summer. Consult with a licensed HVAC contractor for their opinion.

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