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Had an old farm house Saturday 2800+ square foot one story less than average insulation in the attic probably none in the walls windows all marginal or less. The wide side of the home faced west no trees. The A/C unit was MFG 2003 and was 2-1/2 ton. I was born at night but not last night. My report was not very nice, I would like to hear what others might have commented on this and I don’t mean (Refer to HVAC contractor) The contractor that installed this system left his sticker on the unit so I feel certain it was not a DIY

I never assume anything.

A lot of dealers/installers prelabel sales items, leave ad stickers on their office counters or even mail them out with other ad material for consumers to place on equip.

What else besides the size did you find?

You know this will not be sufficient/efficient once needed.

I note to plan on budgeting for an adequate system and have evaluated for correct sizing as I don’t do equipment sizing calculations.

A lot of older homes with older systems have window unit back-up that may have been removed and in storage during my inspection, to reduce drafts and heat loss.

Black market unit may also be the reason.
There are a lot of units being stolen off of new developments as we speak. I’ll unknowingly be inspecting these and their installation in the near future.:shock:

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it’s less than half the size it needs to be with out performing a heat calc.

My report would state:

Unit appears to be inadequate for this application.
“recommend consulting with a licensed, qualified HVAC contractor to replace with an appropriately sized ac unit”

What I would express to my client would be a little less vague.