Adobe home inspection

So I have an inspection scheduled this week for an adobe home built in the early 70"s. Some builder thought it was a good idea to build a whole tract of adobe homes. This will be fun and interesting.

Sounds like fun. Keep us posted on how it goes.

I’m hoping it’s not as “rustic” as some of the images on the nachi site but I’m willing to say is it’s a track cluster it’s not traditional Adobe as we know it. More than likely it’s a slump type brick that looks like an Adobe in appearance.
It normally has a significant amount of thermal mass but it’s seismic resistance is virtually nothing unless it’s reinforced in some manner.

Frank, you picking up bud :smiley: seems like your doing good, good luck on the adobe home :stuck_out_tongue:

Nope, they formed the blocks on site. It’s not slump stone. I’m going to see if there is any more information on the development.

Thanks Shawn. The marketing is starting to pay off. :cool:
Thanks for the link to that article Nick.

I found some information on the builder. Apparently quite well known in San Diego for their adobe homes. Seismic restrictions killed their adobe business. The son now builds very high end homes in Rancho Santa Fe.
Interesting story