Inspected an adobe home

Not many of these in California. The builder, Weir Brothers, built a tract of them in Fallbrook, CA. These are real adobe, not clad wood frame. Check it out

Why does the ridge on that front gable pitch down at the rear? None of the others I see in your short video do that and it looks like it creates a really minimal pitch in the valley.

Intentional? Accidental? Did it change?

There are some roof issues for sure.

Cool Frank. I see water on the sidewalk, what’s that? :stuck_out_tongue:

I couldn’t hold it :slight_smile:


Being that most of California is experiencing a major drought I was just curious.

Frank, I’m a bit confused by your video, didn’t really show anything and why do you call them "infamous?

Since I couldn’t really see anything, why do you call them adobe?

Because they’re adobe. They’re fame hasn’t reached B’more, until just now, but the builder is well known in San Diego. I’ll post some pictures for you. Don’t want to disappoint.

Thanks, Frank. We don’t have any around these parts. It is fun to see some. :slight_smile:

Thanks Frank very interesting for sure … Roy

We don’t have many, if any, new adobe’s because of the updated seismic requirements. This development was built in the early 70"s.

Hi Frank, thanks for the posting the other shots, I used to live in New Mexico so I’m very familiar with adobe construction.

I don’t think those are “real” adobe homes, if those were real adobes you wouldn’t have the adobe exposed as it would wash away in the rain, as a true adobe “brick” is literally made of earth. It would covered with stucco.

I suspect those are more of a concrete based product.

Nope. Real adobe. Very soft material. The damage pictured
at the window sill is from plants, bushes, rubbing against it.

Here is an old New Mexico adobe home. This was my great grand fathers spread from the 1850’s

Very unusual! :smiley:

The adobe or Frank? :mrgreen::wink: