AFCI breakers

Does anyone know if AFCI breakers normally make a buzzing noise or would this be a defective breaker?
I haven’t noticed this buzzing on other afci breakers but this homeowner insists that an electrician told him “that this was normal”.


Charles I have never heard them buzz beford but have had GFCI that buzz and they were defective could be the same with AFCI but not sure. By the way the GFCI’s only buzzed when I tried to trip them.

I have never heard them buzz. They are generally a little warm to the touch though, compared to the other breakers. May one of the Elec. Gurus will be along soon to answer your question. Sorry

I’m new here so this is a test reply. I saw one afci breaker that was buzzing and I checked it with my heat sensor. It was 2 degrees warmer than the others. This can’t be normal.

If this is normal then the ones that are not warm or buzzing must be defective:shock: , and of all the ones I have seen they are all quite!:wink:

Charles, I had on buzzing once. I called an electrician and asked him if this should be replaced. He said this is not normal and not normal with electricity should be replaced.

Now if they replaced all the not normal inspectors…:mrgreen: :mrgreen: