AFCI-protected Requirments


Can someone confirm what the current Canadian elec code is for AFCI-protected rooms.

I’m reading one of the NACHI courses and is states that “All 15- and 20-amp 120-volt circuits for dining rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, sun rooms, closets, hallways, or similar areas must be AFCI-protected”. However, I believe the current code requirment in Canada is different requiring one for bedrooms.



From another (Canadian) inspection forum:
Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters will only be required for new construction, and additions or renovations when a new circuit is provided for a bedroom. AFCI’s will not be required when existing receptacles are simply replaced.

I recommend GFCI on none grounded plugs in the bedroom and an upgrade of 1 AFCI if a ground is found in the bedroom closest to the bed.

OK, Thanks guys!

Stop by your local home reno store and pick up a copy of the Residential Electrical Code. it cost about 16.00. It is the bible for the nation electrical code.

In new construction and in re-wiring of a home, all receptacles in bedrooms are required to be AFCI protected.


Is that the version by P. S. Knight, the former electrical inspector. If so, it may only apply to Alberta, Sask, Manitoba, NB, NS & NFLD/LAB…those must be the jurisdictions that adopt the CEC “as is” without any changes.

My latest copy says on the front page.
“Alberta Book 1”
“Electrical Code Simplified”
“Residential Wiring”
“Based on the 19th Edition of the Canadian Electrical Code and Alberta Amendments”

It is copyrighted 2002 and I purchased it on 2006.04.09.
Quote from the book 'Bedroom plug outlets- Rule 26-722(f)(g) now require special protection for circuits which supply plug out lets in the “sleeping facilities of a dwelling unit.” These are called arc-fault circuit interrupters". … Every plug outlet in any room where there are “sleeping facilities” must be protected with this special kind of circuit breaker. ’

The copy that I have is copyrite 2006 and I’ve had it for 3 years. It’s based on the 20th edition (2006) of the CEC. …Is Alberta behind in code editions?

The 21st edition (2009) of the CEC is now in effect here as of 6-8 months ago…guess I got to drop another $200 for that + the $16 for the “simplified” book!!