AFCO size and age help please

I ran across an American Furnace Company furnace today and I was hoping someone might be able to help me with the age and size. As far as I can tell the model # is VC-29.

Thanks in advance.

How old is the house? It looks at least 25-35 years old maybe a bit more. No book here, so I can’t help with btu’s


I believe you are right on the age. I could barely make out anything on the outside unit label, but was pretty sure it was indicating 1984. Home was built in 1966.

Thanks Anatol


Became part of the Climate Control Division of the Singer Co. in 1968. In 1970 became Singer American Furnace which is now part of McQuay International

if the above is true, then your AFCO furnace would be pre-1970.
By the pics, it could be original.

What did the burner compartment and exchanger look like.
I’ve seen a few 40+ year old forced air furnaces running…rusted like crazy, but running.