This is an International Air Cooled Air: Age and tonage? Thanks
m/n DCO-21/2-1
s/n AA8214

Also, a furnace, Luxaire
m/n A105ED
Series# 3

Hi Gary,

The AC unit number is between 1970 and 1973, I can’t help you with the furnace as Prestons doesn’t show it



Would u happen 2 know the tonage for the ac?

Sorry Gary, I forgot that bit of your question, it is rated at 28,000 BTU so is roughly a 2 1/2 ton unit.

BTW, it is not only older than dirt, but also very very low efficiency at 6.7 SEER. I would be warning the buyers that imminent replacement should be bugeted for



A rough rule of thumb, 12,000 BTU’s per ton of AC capacity. The heating requirements for the house may be different than the cooling.

Help is needed for the age of the furnace.

m/n A105ED
Series# 3


Need serial number.

No serial # present?

Here are some pic’s, maybe this will help.

How about this one?
Gas forced air furnace
MFG: International
Model: 116-130-NOA
Serial No: H 415454

International is a lot of fun.

That one was August 1941. Nah, only kidding. It is August, but I have no idea what year. Perhaps a Preston’s guy can help us with the model number.

I was going to guess 1954…LOL. It’s a 3 (fan shaped) burner. 130,000 BTU input very comparable in size with today’s 60,000 BTU Hi-eff units. For now I have it listed as over 25 years old and at the end of it’s design life. Recommend budgeting for a furnace replacement in the near future…

Thanks Russ!

Hey, Greg.

I was doing a little more research on that one. I believe it’s August 1966.

I guess I was doing the right thing not calling it ancient. It’s 3 years younger than I am!! :smiley: I’ll update the report accordingly. This is pretty significant. Thank-you

I’ve got a lot of conflicting information about International. As I said, it is a fun one. I could go as early as August 1964 and as late as August 1967, but I think “mid-1960’s” will probably cover you pretty well.

Hi to all,

Russel, Prestons list that model # as current from 1973-1975 :shock:

The “H” suffix sugests 1976



Thanks Gerry. I do appreciate your help!

I don’t think I helped much with that post, I just added to the confusion :wink:



A good case for why one needs both TRG and Preston’s, as well as lots and lots of notes as more information constantly becomes available.

Thanks, Gerry.