Age and manufacturer of Condensing unit

Manufacturer’s Number 703452
Serial# H80_82140
Model# 867.816823
No name or company info
Thanks in advance

According with the preston guide model number is use by Sear’s, unit are made by Keeprite and H = 1985 hope this help


I agree that it’s a Sears unit, but my copy of Prestons has that model # current from 1976 to 1980, I believe the H denotes 1976.



If it is a SEARS brand, I’m confused. I have the following information…

Sears Air Conditioners are made by Keep-Rite

International Comfort Products manufactured (and manufactures) products for the KeepRite brand from 1970 to 1994. Since 1994 they’ve been using the plant-year-year-week-week-xxxxxxx system.

There are three coding systems:

Coded to the last letter of the first group of digits, starting with S - 1970, T = 1971, U = 1972, etc
First digit is year, second two digits are week.
that which we have here which is letter is manufacturing plant and the next four digits are year-year-week-week.

Keeprite states that Serial numbers from 1980 to 1994 can be first digit for year and second two for week.

From 1994 to present it would be first two digits are year third and fourth digits are week. Your unit doesn’t match to this description. That would make it 1980 on the 82nd week. There are only 52 weeks.

So that means that you have should have a unit manufactured in 1980 in the 8th week.

Simply guessing at this point. This is where we learn from each other…

Thanks for the extra effort everyone. 20+ years old helps me alot. That is what I was thinking but wanted to confirm. What tipped you all that it was a Sears or Keeprite brand?

Hi Gerald,

I have the Preston’s guide on disk, the program has a search feature, my answer was based on those findings. Plus I believe the H is from the “BLACKHORSE” numbering system which leaves me to believe it is 1976, as my esteemed colleague Dave V said this has been known to be less than accurate



Thanks Gerry,
The search feature, but of course! Great idea…I have the Preston’s catalog, but didn’t have a clue where to begin. I was hoping to find an index of Manufacture’s numbers, but did not find one. Thanks again for your help!

Hey Gerry,

Wad up?

I believe the “BLACKHORSE” code is utilized for Amana.

Hi Dave, I believe the “blackhorse system” was/is used by several manufacturers, again I’m using the H as just one of the clues to figure this one out, as you know Prestons only deals with model numbers rather than serial #, so I cannot pin that one down other than to the late 1970’s.

Gerald, what age was the Home??




This is big news to me.

Would you be so kind to tell me what other manufacturers utilized B-L-A-C-K-H-O-R-S-E as their coding system?