Age of an old GM Delco boiler?

Hey guys,
I was wondering if anyone could tell me the age of an Oil fueled GM Delco Boiler I ran into this week. The model # is DSW960WP and serial # is 9315.
Thanks. Oh by the way it was installed in tandem with a Oil fired water heater with a tee connection(same line and height) into a masonry chimney. Neither unit was equipped with a barometric damper.
I smelled a strong odor of oil when I walked into the house but the owner said the system has been there for many years and there has never been a problem with it. Hmmmm…

Last listed in 1964.

Did it look like this?

Picture compliments of Jeffrey Campbell Pittson, Maine

Yes very much so. Except it didn’t have the barometric draft regulator.
I appreciate it.

we just ran into another one of these… early mid 1960’s… still in operation.

Here’s a picture.

Just wanted to add a photo and name plate info. Maybe someone can decipher the numbers if we post enough nameplates.

Home was built in 1965.
GM Delco Boiler
Service # 4934648
Serial # 13R01686
Model # DGB3WC

I assume the ‘R’ in the serial number is for ‘Rochester’, which is manufacturing plant it came from.

‘64’ in the Service Number could be for 1964. They closed operations in 1964, also.