Milwaukee Thermoflo Age

Anybody have a guess on this age?
Oil fired Milwaukee Thermoflo
Model 1105-D13
Serial 73-3064

House is 45 years old, I think this is original, but not positive. Thanks.

I don’t have a lot of information in my research records about them, but what I do have seems to indicate that it is a July 1963 unit.

I’ll happily stand to be corrected, and add to my research, if someone can provide us with additional information on that company.

Thank you RR, but how did you come to this conclusion? Just curious.

What serial numbers I do have, confirmed either by the ANSI date or by people more knowledgeable (although now deceased) than me, are all 1960s units and show that for at least some of their stuff, they used an xy-zzzz serial number:

x = month (A=January, etc).
y = last digit of year (0=1960, 1=1961, etc.)
zzzz = consecutive production number

So your “73” would seem to indicate July 1963.

My records only include seven of these units, but at least they are consistent.

Added with edit: I should add that they were big in the '60s in the South/Southwest. The seven units I have record of were in Houston, Beaumont, and Baton Rouge. We now know that they made it up the Mississippi River to your area, probably on the ‘Southern Belle.’

Thank you very much for the valuable info.