age please

Weil-McLain Gold CGA. Mod CGA-6-SPDN. The Bar Code said 550201029. Sorry this was all I could get.
Thanks in advance,


No serial number?

Boiler, Right?

CGA-6-SPDN, CGA-6 Gas Boiler, Standing Pilot, 175000 BTU Input, Weil Mclain

Sorry David…Boiler, and
Indeed Michael. Sorry for the lack of info. Been searching for the age on the net but left the home with out some of the info. Don’t want to go back because roads are ice and its 50 miles away.
Thanks if you can get the age for this bonehead (me)

I can’t obtain the age with the Model #. If you had the Serial #, I can give you the manufacturing date.

I am having the same problem and looking through my notes the only other thing I have is Series 1. I can’t beleive I pulled such a no brainer. I did not see the date on the name plate either. I thought it was 01-02 but just not sure.

What year was the house built?





David the house in about 107 years old. This is a newer system. Hope the photos help


If I had to guesstimate (by looking at your pics), I’d say it’s five plus years old.

I wouldn’t lose sleep over this manufacturing date. Simply write down 5 plus years and recommend a service and maintenance by a licensed plumber before close of escrow.


Might be less than that.:slight_smile:

I don’t see any corrosion on the black pipe fittings.
Area below burners is like it came out of the box recently.
Unless this is in a very dry basement I would say it less the 5 years old. IMHO

I’ll bet the agent knows as it would be a selling point.
These cast iron boilers can last 30-50 years if well maintained.

Excellent. Your pictures are quite small and hard to see any details.

When and if I’m unable to figure out a manufacturing date, I usually go with the dust build-up on the newer units. You were there first hand to see that build-up so you know better than I do. Simply guestimate at this point. That’s why I add the +/_ sign to my reports. It gives me a few extra years in between.

Thanks a lot gentlemen. Great help and discussion. Sorry about the lack of info.


Ditto that!