age of bradford white M14OT6EN12 hot water heater

age of bradford white M14OT6EN12 hot water heater


Is that the serial # or model #?

M14OT6EN12 is the serial number. Bradford White publishes a date code cheat sheet on their website.


The serial # starts with 2 letters and is followed by 7 numbers.


That is correct…my bad. The listed number is incorrect at first glance it would be as Bill stated a 1995


What is a “hot water heater”? Isn’t the water cold before it enters?:mrgreen::mrgreen:

There’s always an *** in the crowd, isn’t there.

If I don’t use my heater for 8 hours but the heater is operating, what is it heating?

Do you call it an air heater?

You need to calm down big boy, it was a joke. If you put “Hot water heater” in your reports, YOU are the *** in the crowd! The next time you look at one, tell me what it says on the shell. They are called Water Heaters.:shock:

I was trying to make a point by way of a joke. If you didn’t find it funny, I can live with that. Don’t tell me I’m an ***, because I’m right.

Part of professionalism is getting the terminology right in your reports.