Bradford white

Did someone ever figure out the bradford white water heater age code?
TM7705706 is my serial number i am looking at.

Never mind. Brain fart. It is late and this is my busiest week ever. NOT complaining about that.
Thanks for everyone help.

My calculator says Dec of 99.

A little Google search give the following info

To determine the heater’s age look at the serial number printed or stamped onto the name plate. If it starts 0186 or A86, that means
it was made in January of 1986. 0286 or B86 means February 1986. If it starts 8604, that means it was built in the fourth week of
1986. If the serial number simply does not make sense with these guidelines, look for “warranty” on the name tag; the A86 or other
code may be found there. If none of this leads you to a date, proceed with servicing the unit. It probably needs it.


I recently called Bradford WHite and a very nice fellow sent me this doc.