Age of Carrier AC - 38GS036-310

Carrier: 38GS036-310 / SN (faded bad but looks like) C656996

Owner swears its ORIGINAL to house. The home was built in 1975-1976 per all documents. Regardless of PRECISE age, the AC is a Carrier unit that we commonly called a “Sardine Can” back in the 70’s. I was using / installing them in Dallas back in the mid to late 70’s. It is at least 38-39 Yrs old. Cools like a champ BUT out in LaLa land.

I loaned someone my Preston Guide & have not got it back. My question is the data I have on Carrier. Can anybody verify age??

Looks like 76 from the chart.

Dan that carrier model was from the70’s we called them Ham cans and I was a carrier dealer at that time installed a boat load of them