Carrier Heat Pump age help please

OK, I’m usually successful in deciphering condensing unit ages but this one defies me. It’s a Carrier model #38OF036300 (not sure if the 1st O is a letter or a numeral & it might have even been a Q) with a serial number of U23075. The Buyer seemed to think it was a relatively new system based on disclosure statement comments but I disagree. Any idea (Prestons or otherwise) as to the mfg date of this apparent 3-ton unit?

Hey Mike,
The closest model in carrier I found was 38QF03630 which was mfg in 83-84

Perfect, Thanks Bill! It was a “Q” after all then. The home was built in 1983 and remodeled in 2004 and wording in the seller’s disclosure had led the Buyer to think the A/C had been replaced at that time. Clearly, that was not the case and this unit appears to be 26 years old and original to the home. I assume your info came from Preston’s, right?

Yes it did.
And sounds fitting for the age of home then doesn’t it!

Yes, it does fit the age of the home. I’m surprised no one has questioned the presence of 3 low pressure lines and one high pressure in the photo. Had me scratching my head until I found an abandoned heat recovery system that had supplemented an older water heater before the remodel.

I didn’t look closely or notice that, but now that you mention it… intersting!
That would have made me scratch my head as well.

Probably manufactured in 1982.

Has that unit moved. It does not look like it is sitting entirely on the pad. Here we have to strap them down.

Serial number indicates a manufacture date of July 1982.