Age / Size Info on 2 Carrier Units

Buyer is out of Contract on Tuesday. Did the inspection on Saturday. On my 6 Rheem Units were good BUT my 2 Carriers are loopy.

#1 - Newer Unit / Mdl. 24ABB360A520 S/N - 2010E20468

#2 - Older Unit / Mdl 38AD012510 S/N - D891501
(Semi Hermetic)

In my Carrier Blue Book(s) all the 38AD units I can find were mid 70’s to early 80’s. BUT can’t find that exact model

Newer unit 5 yrs old BUT have found conflicting size info on the newer unit.

Anybody got something better

#1: 3 ton May 2010

#2: April 1989

Sheenan ,

You’re right on the 1st. The 2nd one is tricky … Actually built in 70’s

Had 6 AC units with 5 looking over 30-35 years, but was told by seller, his AC guy and pre-listing inspection by an engineer they were about 20 years old. Confirmed all but 1 were built in the 70’s

First unit is 13 SEER 60,000 BTU