Age of Coleman AC

Mr Preston’s does not indicate the age for this Coleman AC :

Ser# WOK6969711 Mod# ERC0361BBB

Thanks!!! for the help

This is all I got…

Made by Evcon Ind. and sold at sears.

Evcon was started in 1990

In 1990, Beacon Capital Corporation negotiated the purchase of Coleman®’s Heating & Air Conditioning division to create Evcon Industries. By 1996, Unitary Products Group of York, A Johnson Controls Company had acquired Evcon Industries and continued to market their products under the Coleman-Evcon name.

In 1999, realizing its outstanding brand recognition, Unitary Products Group decided to market products, solely under the Coleman® name - a name now known for rugged, reliable performance in the great outdoors and the great indoors.

Coleman became Evcon, then Unitary, then YORK…

Since 2005 the brand has a letter-number-letter system–** [WOE59195951].**

W=Witchita–city of manufacture.
0=third digit in the year.
E=month of manufacture–May.
5=fourth digit in year.

Manufacture date is May of 2005.


YORK now “manufactures”…


Prior to 2005 the first letter was the year…
A=1971 or 1992
B=1972 or 1993

and so on (no “I”, “O”, “Q” “U”, and “Z”)

[W would be 1989 or 2010]