Need help with Date of MFG

I need help getting a Date of MFG on a Coleman-Evcon Forced Air Furnace and a MFG and Date of MFG on a A/C unit that on the label that says distributed by Unitary Products Group
5005 York Drive
Norman, OK

Forced Air Furnace Info:
Model #: G8V10016UHB11C
S/N: WBMM000289
Need Date of MFG.

A/C Unit:
Model #: HATC-F048SA
S/N: WNLMO19929
Need Mfg and date of Mfg if possible.

Thanks in advance for your help and assistance.

Try this post …

Unitary Products Group is York-Borg Warner, or vice versa as the case may be.

The serial numbers for both of the units appear to be standard Unitary Products Group/York-Borg Warner coding. Is the forced air furnace, then, Coleman-Evcon?

Coleman-Evcon seems to be a difficult one to code.

I would guess on those two units that the furnace is 1982 (the third letter, M) and the A/C is 1981 (the third letter, L).


When I ran the model number’s against the prestons guide neither showed up. The guide goes from 2000 and back. I verified the numbers and they are accurate. I was pretty busy yesterday and didnt get a chance to call Coleman, since thier HQ is in Wichita, but will try and call them today after my morning inspection is done. The document Robert pointed me to, I already have and it didnt make any sense regarding the Coleman or the A/C no matter how I decripered the numbers. As soon as I find out anything I will post. Regarding the HVAC document, its been on the money for other HVAC equipment, just not these units, thats why I posted.

Coleman typically uses the first four digits in the S/N to designate the year and date of manufacture, so my guess would be …

Furnace S/N: aaaa0002xx … February 2000

A/C Unit S/N: aaaaO199xx … January 1999

Older units reportedly have the first four numbers designating the Month-Year, and then at some point they switched to the more universal system of the first four numbers designating the Year-Month. Perhaps they made that switch in April 1999 (and not April 1992 as indicated in the post I linked) due to the upcoming month/week and year similarities (like January 2001).

Would be good to have better info on the date coding if ya get that.

I’ve got a Borg Warner in a condo built in 1986, looks original, serial MMMM143922 and model p2csd08n065018. Can’t make heads or tails of the date.

Any help appreciated.

1984 or 1985, per Preston

Thanks Gents.