Age check

Coleman-Evcon Furnace

Model G8T10012UHB11-A
S/N WFLM053480

Coleman A/C
Model DRCSO361BE
S/N 020620441

I’m figuring the AC is 2002, but the format of the furnace S/N throws me a bit, because the unit looks older, but is quite clean upon inspection. Could be 2005.

Thanks in advance.

Brandon Macy

Prestons Guide says 2002 - 2005 on the AC.

The furnace serial number format looks like a York number which would make it 2003. The A/C is February 2006.

It’s not unusual to find larger companies like York manufacturing units for smaller companies like Coleman, and it runs about 50/50 as to what serial number format they’ll use when they do.

I date both units for 2002.

**See York Serial #'s at]( Shows that this unit was manufactured in October 2002.


**See Coleman Serial #'s at **](
**Shows that this unit was manufactured in June 2002.
Best Regards,

**John b.