age of Coleman Furnace

Could anyone tell me how old this furnace is the serial # is 078462672 Model # is 7670-867

Thank you

My guess would be 1984. How old is the home?

Coleman: Serial numbers prior to April 1992=1st two numbers are month, then year,
then series.
After April 1992, 1st two numbers are year, then month, then series.

It’s ether July,1984 or August,2007.

July 1984. It can’t be August 2007 because you’re going to use two digits for the month, so August would be 08, not just 8.

Just to pour more oil on the water, that model number (7670 ****) was current throughout the 1970’s and up to 1981, my “guesstimate” would be 1978.



If you’re relying on Preston’s, then I’ll stick with 1984 – LOL. If it’s 1978, then the first digit is missing, which would seem to be a 1, which would make it October 1978.