Age of Coleman furnace

I need some help with the age of Coleman furnace - serial # (S) EBKM041257.

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December 2004 Series 57
added:6/12/08 (May be in error) see post # 7 in this thread.

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That type of serial number is very recognizable as coming from York. Thus, I think that’s a York unit manufactured in either 1980 or 2001—pick one—in this instances manufactured for Coleman, thus the Coleman name plate.

It’s not unusual for the really large manufacturers such as York to pick up manufacturing contracts for smaller manufacturers during strikes, natural disasters, plant maintenance shutdowns, or just because the big guy can make them less expensively than the little guy.

York bought out Coleman a few years ago.

That would probably make it a 2001, then.

Just as an FYI … the info I have indicates Coleman used a 9-digit S/N up to 1996, when they were acquired by York UPG and they changed the S/N coding. The S/N coding changed again in 2005 when York UPG (and Coleman) became a division of Johnson Controls.

Since the equipment doesn’t have the older Coleman 9-digit S/N coding, or the newer Johnson Controls S/N coding, it looked like it would most likely be 2001 using the York coding (wouldn’t be 1980, as that would be pre-York UPG)

Out of curiosity I called York UPG and they said it was made in 2001

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I could use some help. I have come across a Coleman Ser#W1N0541707


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