Age of Evaporator Coil?

I believe this is a Trane coil from 1992 per Kenton’s reference material on age of AC’s. It stated Trane started using the letter B for 1987, c in 1988, etc. This coil had a manufacturer date of G24.


Why do you need the age of the AHU?

Give me some reason why you can’t just use the age of the condenser (which is quite apparent).
Determining things about an AHU is a pain in the ***. Why are we going there?

Because they replaced the condenser in 06 but not the indoor coil (92)

I think it might be June 1992

So it doesn’t matter…

Maybe not to you or where you inspect but, when you need to fill in a 4-point inspection report for insurance in South Florida, you need to have the date.


Yes 1992

the condenser was replaced and the indoor coil (20 yrs old) was not. the indoor coil is going to cost thousands. yes, the buyer needs to know that.

The buyer needs to know that the 20yr condenser was replaced with a mismatched AHU. The age has nothing to do with this…

If you pulled the AHU apart and determined this, than you can report this without age being part of it.
Did you pull it apart?

There is nothing in an AHU than can’t or couldn’t have been replaced. Thus the “age” has nothing to do with the actual age if components were in fact changed.

If they have not been replaced then it is just plain wrong and has voided the warranty of the new components.

And by-the-way, the cost of replacing the coil will not be “Thousands”…

have a a-coil in concord gas furncae ser 6003J20806 how do i tell age

You need the serial # off the coil box not the furnace #, some coil boxes have serial # and some don’t. The serial # on the coil box might not be correct simply because someone may have installed a new A-coil in the old box not likely but it could happen. If it has been say in the last 10 years one could make a wild guess with the date on the aluminum tape if present. The date on the tape sometimes is better than nothing if you are so compelled to date the coil.