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Last weeks house. Condenser outside said r22 , unit in garage said 410a. Now what ?

How old was the outdoor coil?

A new evaporator coil can replace an old R22 or newer R410a indoor coil. The metering device and such has to match the refrigerant gas. The question is… was is done correctly.

I had this last week as well. (Condenser was newer, air handler was 14)
But the air handler said it could support either. So based on the fact that it was working, I assume it was set up correctly.

Thanks Simon and Daniel

I don’t know, do I? Am I a Licensed HVAC guy?, No…!

Therefore, make a note and recommend “further evaluation by Licensed HVAC Technician”…

However I know that the Type of Refrigerant must be “compatible with the compressor unit (condensers) type by design. The ‘A’ coil inside the AHU (Air Handling Unit) has, technically, no limitations to let through any type of refrigerant. But the design engineers will recommend that those two units (Condenser & Evaporator) will be of the same type and specifications. In the other hand, the HVAC contractor will also recommend at all times ‘consistency’ in the matching specifications of those two parts of the system.

In the field, some of this decisions are made based on available expending budget…!