Age of Furnace - Metroheat

Can anyone provide the age of the following?

Conventionally drafted forced air gas furnace.

Manufacturer: Metropolitan Gas and Oil Company (Montreal)
Brand: Metroheat

Model: H75
Serial Number 2374

I’m guessing early 1980’s

Thanks in advance.

I have no information on them, so I can’t help you. Perhaps someone with a Preston’s Guide can help us once the weekend is over.

Maybe my eyes are deceiving me but, I don’t see that in the Preston’s guide.

A lot of Carrier parts cross to Metroheat, so maybe try to look it up as a Carrier? Just a best guess.

Thanks guys… I wrote it up as an early 80’s unit as a best guess…

Yeah I tried that and still couldn’y find those numbers. Good idea though.