Age of Gaspack?

Can someone help me determine the age of this gaspack? It’s manufactured by Unitary Products Group. I think that makes it a York, Coleman, or Luxaire. The serial number is NGKM076547. Thanks in advance.


Not sure of the age but guess 10-12 yrs.

Unit will have rusting inside, recommend it be checked out.

Either 6 years or 27 years.

That’s what I get, either 2001, or 1980.

What’s a gaspack? Regular A/C compressor unit?

Manufacturer. It’s actually Gas-Pac,though.

Slang term for a Gas Package system. Everyone makes them

I agree with Gary looks to be around 10-12 yrs.

Actually, Gas-Pac also is/was a company. They morphed into Fraser & Johnston in some form or fashion (merger? acquisition?) which now seems to be York/York-Borg Warner/Unitary Products.