Borg-Warner furnace age

I am looking for the age chart for a Borg-Warner furnace. It looks pretty old, at least 20 years. The Serial is JM221124 Model is UG080D08N-1B. I read that York is the same as BW, but the age chart at does not match.

Is there a decoder site? I read at Inspectorpedia forum that there are decoder sites, but there links are dead links.

I thought that place was gone.Thanks for the link Mike.

They changed the web address. Your welcome! Now can we get back to my problem Bob!!??

York was a division of them,and I thought they just made auto parts on Diversey.

Try this…

York: (Unitary Products since 1984) Note: they skip the letters I, O, Q, U, Z. Fraser, Johnston, and Luxaire were purchased by York in 1980 SECOND LETTER – MONTH OF MANUFACTURE A = January, B = February, C = March, D = April, E = May, F = June, G = July, H = August, J = September, K = October, L = November, M = December Year of assembled indicated by 3rd & 4th letter in the serial number up to 1980, however a note form York indicated that prior to 1980 point of manufacture (1st digit) and month assembled (2nd digit) was not used. After 1980 they went to a four letter prefix mostly NA but some start with EM

Looks over 20 years old to me and i just tell them get ready to buy.
was it even 60,000 btu?

It is a 1000sq ft condo, it was 80,000 btu. Thanks bob for the info. It looked original to me and the building is around 1980-85. I was going to tell them to get ready to buy, but I like to be able to give them an age.

I thought it looks small.
Hope you did not climb those rungs.
Had a few give way on me in the past and they often come loose.

I didn’t climb anything. I still have a sore ankle. I am reporting that the access hole in the closet has no cover. I can imagine her or her kids falling in there.