Age of Heil unit

Client insist that this heat pump is new. From what i see on the serial number it appears to be either 3 or 9 years old. Included air handler info too. Help please. Thanks!

Heil: SERIAL NO.#: L000627615 MODEL NO.#: NHP024AKA1

International Comfort: SERIAL NO.#: L0012 55154 MODEL NO.#: NFCP2400C1

For Heil First four numbers of the serial number YYWW: For International Comfort the Letter indicates the month and the first two digits indicate the year.

So according to Heil this was manufactured in the 6th wk of 2000. (But remember it may have set in a warehouse for a while before being installed. ) International Comfort Date is Nov of 2000. Regardless of which number you choose it is 2000.

There is also a recall on Heils …

So the sellers are going to be really mad… too bad:mrgreen:.

My thought exactly Mark. Believe the seller was telling my client a fib. Thanks!

If it is new, put hte onus on him and make him produce a receipt. Surely it should still be under warranty, and, of course, that information should be passed along to your client.

I am in a similar situation. looking at buying a house, and not sure of the age of the heating unit or ac unit…

The heating unit is a Heil model #UGDE-10EQAGS, serial number AG6D302-F20895818

The AC unit is a Goodman model #GSC130361DE, serial number 0703553232

I think the AC is an '07 model…but not sure.

If anyone can help me decipher these numbers, I would appreciate it!!

2007 is correct.