Age of Magic Chef unit

This unit is a Propane forced hot air system model # EG6E80DC19 s/n A00142KFB Thanks in advance Ron


That particular model # was manufactured in 1986 through 1988.

Thanks Dave, Ron

More specifically, however, October 1985.
Does that qualify as 1986?

All Magic Chef from 1984 through 1998 have serial numbers with one letter, five numbers, then three letters.

Last three letters are date and place of manufacture where the first letter is the month and the middle letter is the Year.

A = January
B = February

Skip I

L = November
M = December

A = 1980
B = 1981

Skip I

S = 1997
T = 1998

Prestons gave me that info…

That guide is the worst reference guide I’ve ever seen in my life.

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              Click on a MODEL NUMBER in the list below, to re-display just that model number.                                   Model Number                  Manufacturer                 Type                 Year 				                Btu/h Input Capacity                 A.F.U.E.                			                   				 				 				   				  [EG6E80DC19](javascript:document.form1.submit())                                 				                 ARMSTRONG AIR CONDITIONING                 Gas Furnaces                 1991                 80,000                 90.7                			  		 	     			                 				 				 				   				  [EG6E80DC19](javascript:document.form2.submit())                                 				                 ARMSTRONG AIR CONDITIONING                 Gas Furnaces                 1992                 80,000                 90.7                			  				 				    				                        
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This is what the new Preston’s on line shows for that model

Prestons’ better get their shi+ squared away.