Oldie Magic Chef can't find year

I’ve been all over the net looking for some info on a Magic Chef Furnace

Model: L62-84D-3
Serial: A 04626H8B

Preston’s information doesn’t match the furnace and from reading other posts it should be older than 1982.

Any ideas

Here is a pic…

I’m not sure but perhaps April 1962. I am a newbie but have some experience. If possible compare that date to some of the other mechanicles tosee if it’s in the ballpark. Just a therory.

Serial: 04 = April / 62 = 62

I would hope that is it. some of the other serial numbers suggest that the letters are the years…

Hi to all,

Prestons list several variations on that model number L62-84D as beeing current from 1982 to 1989, if the house was built in the 80’s you can bet it’s the original



I checked the Preston’s online and the BTU rating doesn’t matchup. The ones listed there show 105 as the capacity.

The house was built in 1910 and I suspect that the furnace is older than 82. There was a stamp on the case that had a # 17 H78.

I’m still looking on the net. . . and the serial number decorder sheets that have been posted by others do not have the number code for the Magic Chef and or any of the previous companies.

I believe you are confusing the BTU input and output figures.

Prestons list the BTU input for that model as 105,000, the manufactures data plate list the BTU **output **at 84,000.



If it’s really that important you can try contacting the following company. Looks like they bought the Magic Chef assets in 1988:

**Adams Manufacturing Company
**9790 Midwest Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44125
Phone: 216-587-6801
Fax: 216-587-6807
Email: adamsx@att.net

I’ll try that. . .I need some sort of proof that there was service prior to 1976 and there are no records only the furnce. . .

thanks for all the input!

Also you may try to contact your local parts supply for HVAC. they have been able to look up good info for me in the past.

That serial number appears to be a Magic Chef manufactured by Armstrong.

That time period for Magic Chef/Armstrong used the one letter-five numbers-three letters serial numbering system with the last three letters being the month of manufacture, year of manufacture, and place of manufacture.

Thus, I believe the serial number is A 04626H?B, with the ? being either a B or a G, since those two letters often look like an 8. I do note that your picture definitely looks like the number 8. However, HVAC stampers are also known to have made mistakes stamping the serial numbers on the plates. For example, the boss man wrote the number to be stamped, and the stamper read the letter B or G as the number 8.

If it’s a B, then it is 1981. If it’s a G, then it is 1986. I’m guessing a B for a 1981 unit based simply on the type of plate in your picture.

What are you saying - what do you need proof of “that there was service prior to 1976”???

There is a question/conflict with the town hall whether the apartment is legal or not.

town hall has no records prior to 1996, the gas and electric companies don’t have records prior to 7 years.

So, in order to have the apartment legal, there needs to be proof that the unit existed prior to 1976 to be grandfathered, registered and then a permit can be pulled.

The zoning board should recognize that the unit appears to be circa early 1980s and that there is a very good chance that it was using utilities before 76.

Six months ago I inspected a 5 year old house with a 15 year old A/C unit. What does that prove to anyone. Look inside the toilet for its date stamp OR the date stamp on the body of the gas valve for the furnace OR

You’re saying the town does not have building or code records prior to 10 yrs ago, AND the utility companies don’t have use records prior to 7 yrs ago, and their are no Tax records, transfer deeds, neighbors, etc. Sounds hookie…

ART keeps track of little tidbits of information from our home inspections, such as oldest house inspected (1908), highest water pressure (173 psi), etc. At one of last week’s inspections, we found our oldest dated toilet, March 26, 1963.