Age of old GE furnace

Can anyone tell me the age of this GE furnace? An HVAC tech wrote this down: model # 2164060H27, serial #767524. Thank you.

The serial number seems to be incomplete. There should be some letters in the “number.”

I do not think his info is incomplete. I did an inspection yesterday, with a GE furnace that appears to be pretty old. The model is BLU106E936A0, serial is 551402. From what I can ascertain; GE sold it’s HVAC division in 1982 to TRANE. But, GE really doesn’t know how the serial numbers relate to dates. So the best answers is that if it is labeled GE, it was probably manufactured on or before 1982. I will report this to my client and the condition with my recommendation.

This is what I have:

**General Electric: **Age is the last 3 digits of the serial number. First digit being the year and the second and third digits being the month. Example xxxxx241 = 41st week of 1982, 92, 02 etc., xxxxx533 = 33rd week of 1985, 95, 05 etc…

How would you know if it is 1985, 1995, or 2005? The furnace I inspected for example is 551402 the 2nd week of 1984 or 1994, I would discount 2004, it looks too old for 2004.

If this formula is correct, the one I inspected today was built in the 76th week of the year.

Joseph Haire you are correct this formula does not work. I just had 2 furnaces and one was ***367. The 67th week of what year?? I’m going with Mike Merino’s answer-older than 1982 and the home I inspected was built in 1975 so most likely original.

Jack, what were the complete serial numbers?