Age please?

Can someone help me with the age on this funace? 1985? **
**Manufacturer: General Electric **
**Model#: BLU080C924A1 **
Serial#: 510377 514
Capacity: 80,000 Btu’s


Looks like the 51st week of 2003

I agree with Mathew, Dec. 2003

Not likely '03 as General Electric no longer manufactures heating or A/C equipment. Most likely '85. These were manufactured for GE by Arkla industries.

I agree with Matthew and William. General Electric no longer manufactures heating or cooling equipment, but they still distribute units under their name. I come across quite a few 2000+ GE units here in San Diego, especially the larger units in the mega mansions.

You are correct R.R.

Thanks guys, I went with the 2003 date. If the serial number is a GE serial number for GE I think it indicate 85, but the newer number made more logical sense looking at the unit. And after hearing that they re-distributed other units after they quit making them, it made even more sense.

thank you so much for the help!