age please

thermo-products inc. oil fueled forced air furnace.model#x-902722

Do you have the serial #???

sorry this is the seriel number, the model # is oh5-85

Well, thought I had the info on this - but I don’t.

Anyways this is manufactured by Thermo-Pride. And taking a non-educated stab at it I would venture to say that this oil-fired furnace was manufactured in 1990. Unfortunately I can’t give this information any credence. It is merely a guess based on similar serial numbers of other types of units.

Hopefully, Dave V. or Russel R. will chime in with some useful information. Good Luck.

Here is the Service Manual

Looks like the 27th week of 1990. Not 100% though.

I found some service records with it dated 1988.

Are the service records the installation date or just a date of service? Give the manufacturer a call with the model and serial numbers.

They will tell you for sure when it was made.

Hi Matt

I have Thermo-Products (aka Thermo Products, Thermo-Pride, Thermo-Pace) as using standard yyww coding, so I would date that as late June/early July (27th week) 1990.