I have an old furnace that I am trying to get some info about: Luxaire SH100d, 100,000 btu, 80% eff.,natural gas forced air. No serial numbers on the unit. It looks like someone did some cannibalizing and some parts ended up on the unit.

I am looking for the approximate age, i.e., the year(s) when Luxaire made this particular model. I know about York taking over, etc.

Thanks for any help!

The house was built in the 1940s, but I think the furnace was replaced in the 60s. Just guessing.

Jack, try this, they might be of some help.

Thanks Ian.

I called them before and they are still looking. I thought the experts here might have come across this model with a serial number or series that would give me a ballpark idea, like 1950-60-70s. (I know it is before 1982.)

When (Johnson Controls) YORK, took over the Luxaire name, some files were lost and or destroyed.

Almost every furnace that I have encountered over the years has a serial number or at least a series number–except this one and the “ancients.”


this an informed guess, but the model # you quote is typical of mid 60’s model #'s bothy sl & su 100’s are from 1966

I hope this helps


Thanks Gerry.

I am still waiting for the York people to e-mail or call about this. It may be a “we don’t know” answer.

I think we are getting closer to the time period, and your guess in the 60s is about where I think we will end up (1960-80).

I certainly appreciate all of the efforts, and I will post the info if I find out for anyone who cares.

Got a polite response from the company: They don’t know and/or don’t care!

Sorry to hear that Jack.