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Peerless oil fired boiler s/n 420231-200301 ,Thanks

As you can see from the number of responses, Peerless is one of those problematic brands. I don’t have any idea, either, but if I had to guess, I’d go with September 2002.

That was manufactured in** January of 2003**


[FONT=Verdana]Prior to 1984 there was not a date code included as part of the serial number. After that, there was a four digit date code following the serial number that was month and year. Example – JO-12345-1084, this unit was built in October of 1984.

Starting in the year 2000, same idea only it was a six digit date code following the serial number that is year and month. Example – 1234567-200105, this would have been build in May of 2001. Anything without the addition to the serial number would have been made before 1984 and would require contactwith the factory.


Thank you, David. More information for my research.

Thanks for this info.