Peerless boiler age... killing me!!!

SERIAL No. MMW 67985

please help!


photos. It was pretty cramped in there.

I saw this… mine has a 5 digits code. This only mentions 4 or 6.

Prior to 1984 then. You are going to have to call the manufacturer.

Peerless: Prior to 1984 there was not a date code included as part of the serial number. Starting in 1984, there was a four digit date code following the serial number that was month and year. Example – JO-12345-1084, this unit was built in October of 1984. Starting in the year 2000, same idea only it was a six digit date code following the serial number that is year and month. Example – 1234567-200105, this would have been built in May of 2001. Anything without the addition to the serial number would have been made before 1984 and would require contact with the factory.

The ANSI date is 1979 so I would guess the manufacture date, according to the serial number, is 1979, which isn’t always the case (same year). But, the manufacture date is, typically, within a few years of the ANSI date.

I’m guessing 79, almost 40 years old, do you really need an exact date to form an observation and/or opinion?

No, I guess I don’t need the exact date. Wasn’t sure if you guys had a better way than just googling it. But you’ve been helpful, I’m good to go. Thanks!

What year was the home?