Peerless boiler age?

Boiler serial # is 399606-200206 would I be correct in assuming the date to be June 2002?



You would be correct - June 2002. Peerless started using a 6 digit date code (4 digit year followed by 2 digit month) after the serial # in 2000. From 1984 - 2000 it was a 4 digit (month /year). Before 1984 there was no date code included as part of the serial #.

Great Info. Bill.


Anybody have an idea of this Peerless steam boiler age?


I am thinking either April 2002 or September 2001.


January 1996. From '84 to 2000 they used a 4 digit code at the end of the serial #. After that it was a 6 digit.

Thanks Bill

My peerless boiler serial # is J O-67508 any help dating greatly appreciated

There should be four more digits. Example (JO-12345-6789)