Conquest Furnace serial #EB7B302 and thats all I could read.

Need to know age.


I’ve never heard of Conquest, so it might be a local brand. Local brands sometimes made up their own numbers, although rarely. Usually they used the type of coding that someone with the company was most familiar with from a previous company that he worked with, or they used a type of coding common within the industry at that time. Sometimes a local brand simply bought from a major manufacturer and put their name on it. Consequently, the best I can do for you is…

I think it’s either manufactured by, or following the coding of, either Armstrong, Marathon, or York-Borg Warner.

If Armstrong, I get February 1976
If Marathon Electric, I also get February 1976
If York-Borg Warner, I get 1972 or 1975.

If you have an ANSI date, that would help.

Do those dates correlate with the construction date of the house?

I’ll happily stand corrected by anyone so that I can add Conquest to my ongoing research.

Conquest is made by Heat Controller. But still don’t have an age.
Thanks RR.

In that case, I’m gettting February 1977. I could still be wrong, though, because I don’t have a lot of information on Heat Controller, but I appreciate the Conquest-Heat Controller connection.

This ones tough.

It might be Feb 02

“Serial Number is unreadable. Unable to determine manufacture date. Estimated age of furnace based on condition between ??? and ??? years old. Reccomend service and evaluation by a HVAC specialist.”

Probably not. Everything I have for serial numbers that start with letters like that indicate that the letters are the date code and manufacturing plant and the final digits are the consecutive unit number, in this case definitely indicating that Conquest is/was a small company.

The serial number was readable, though. It’s just that we don’t know the coding system that Conquest used.

Go back through the HVAC section of this board. There are a lot of questions about the ages of different systems. Others have also posted word documents and web links that would be helpful to you as a reference. It would be worth your time to peruse it.